Greece & Greek Islands

Greece & Greek Islands — Introduction

Welcome to the birthplace of modern civilisation. It’s easy to look at Greece’s undeniably beautiful coastline and write it off as a beach destination. But it’s a land which has shaped so much of the world’s heritage sport, culture and language.

Greece is the home of the modern Olympics, the marathon and the world’s greatest philosophers, making it a country with a richness of culture that’s beyond compare.

Greece & Greek Islands

Its bustling capital Athens is an ideal starting point for a historical tour, taking in the ancient Acropolis, the Parthenon and the Temple of Olympian Zeus as well as the original Olympic stadium.

From the capital, head into Greece’s heartland to Thessaloniki to unearth the country’s pre-history and Macedonia to discover the towering Mount Olympus. Wherever you choose to visit in Greece you’ll be captivated by its landscape and mythical tales that tell of the country’s creation.

Greek Islands
Set sail from the mainland to discover your own little corner of Greece. With more than 6,000 Greek Islands you’re sure to find one just right for you.

The wonder of the Greek Islands are their unrivalled beauty – from Crete, the largest, to tiny dots such as Hydra, a car-free isle with an area of just 40 square kilometres.

The islands charm you into staying on their sun-baked beaches, swimming in the crystal clear water off their shores or relaxing over a lazy lunch at a traditional taverna.

Away from the curves of their delicate coasts many of the islands have a hilly or even mountainous landscape where villages offer a glimpse of a bygone age and two-house hamlets tell of an exquisitely simple way of life.

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